You sent in your application – so why haven't you heard back yet?

It's an experience everyone has been through. You find the perfect job, you optimize your application, smooth out your resume, and send it in. You're incredibly excited, and can't wait for the interview. But then you never hear back from the employer. What happened?

There are many reasons why companies push applications to the wayside, so you can never be sure why you didn't book that interview. But there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that you look as attractive as possible to hiring managers. Modify your strategies based on these four tips, and you can make sure that your would-be employers will have their eyes caught by your application.

Make sure you're qualified
You'd think this would go without saying, but corporations everywhere are flooded with applications for positions that the applicant isn't even qualified for. In fact, the problem has become so pervasive that some companies now use computer software to weed out unqualified applicants before their resume ever even reaches the hiring manager's eyes. So if you're a recent graduate with no internships, going out for the position that requires five years of industry experience could be a waste of time.

Have you fostered a relationship?
It's always best to have a relationship with someone at the corporation where you're applying. Meeting qualifications can make sure you won't be weeded out, but a good reputation will go so far as to make your application stand out when compared to your competitors. Sending off an email to the hiring manager, or writing a personalized cover letter, can go a long way toward giving you a leg up on the other applicants. 

Give yourself a spotless online profile
If you're wondering why you haven't heard back from your dream job yet, a Google search could yield your answer. While many are debating the effectiveness of the process, companies everywhere are vetting potential employees against their Facebook profiles, eliminating any applicants who have relatively "racy" online personalities. If you're looking to jump into the workforce with a career in finance, or any other in-demand job, make sure anything attached to your name online is G-rated.

Keep on top of the market – and send in your applications as quickly as possible
Finally, you need to be fast! Companies want to fill their openings as soon as possible, and may have hired someone for "your" position before your application even arrived. So keep your eyes on job-search websites on a daily basis, follow these four tips, and make sure you beat the competition to the hiring managers desk.