The guide to investment banking internships: The follow-up

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Congratulations on nailing your interview for an investment banking internship! It has been a lengthy journey to get here – after composing the perfect resume, writing an awesome cover letter and all that preparation prior to the interview – but you’re still not done. No matter how well you’ve hit on the previous steps, you still need every advantage you can get, which at this point means a proper follow-up.

The extra effort following the interview will keep your name in the interviewer’s head, and help ensure that you stand out from the competition. This is the difference between someone who wants the investment banking internship, and someone who is actively trying to make sure he or she gets it. So what is the best way to follow-up your interview? With a letter or email, typically. This sort of communication will illustrate your determination, while also keeping your skills front and center.

“The extra effort will keep your name in the interviewer’s head.”

When, exactly, should you follow up? Well, opinions differ on that matter, but many people agree you shouldn’t let two weeks go by without a follow-up. The majority of hiring managers even expect you to follow-up, so don’t let them down.

How to compose a thank you letter or email
And what should the email or letter look like?

Thus far the mantra throughout our guide to landing an investment banking internship has been short and sweet, so why stop now? Keep your follow-up thank you clear, concise and quick to make sure you hold the hiring manager’s attention. Keep it down to one or two paragraphs, and personalize it to show the interviewer this isn’t your go-to follow-up template correspondence, this is you sincerely thanking him or her.

One way to personalize the letter or email is to answer one interview question a bit more in-depth, or to make what you said clearer. However, don’t spend too much time on this, because, as mentioned earlier, short and sweet is the golden rule when it comes to applying for any investment banking internships. Touch on how you will benefit the bank, why you are excited to work there and the fact that you appreciate the chance given to you.

After you finish writing your typing your email follow-up, proofread it over and over until you're sure it is perfect.After you finish writing or typing your email follow-up, proofread it over and over until you’re sure it is perfect.

When it comes to proofreading, even a quadruple-check may be too little
Something that you should keep in mind while, and after, writing your interview follow-up is to avoid any spelling or grammar mistakes. Proofread the email or letter twenty times if you have to – and have other people do so as well – just make sure that your thank you is so well-written a New York Times reporter would be impressed. Any sort of mistake could automatically disqualify you, as it may display sloppiness or a lack of attention to detail.

This is your final chance to show how appreciative you are, how well-suited you are for the job and the ways that the investment bank will benefit from hiring you as an intern, so make sure to get those points across in as clear and concise a manner as you can.