The 6 best cities for finance jobs that aren’t NYC

New York City may have Wall Street, but it’s not the only city with promising career prospects for finance professionals. If you’re looking to get out of New York, or kick off your career in a different location, these are the six best cities for finance jobs outside of the Big Apple.


New York isn’t the only city in the Northeast that has solid job prospects for finance professionals. Boston is home to a number of asset management firms and larger companies like State Street, Fidelity, and Putnam Investments just to name a few. Ranked number five for the most affordable cities for finance jobs, Boston is a great option for those looking to have a larger disposable income as well as solid job prospects for the future. Find your next finance job in Boston here.


It may be cold in Chicago, but the windy city has one of the best job markets for finance in the country. The Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange along with a plethora of corporate offices offer a variety of options for finance and accounting professionals looking to advance their career. This Midwestern city is known for their high standard of living and it comes in at number 34 on Mercer’s Cost of Living ranking. Explore open opportunities in Chicago here.


They say it’s always bigger in Texas – and they’re right. As the second fastest growing metro area in the nation, Dallas-Fort Worth has a rapidly expanding job market that has created excellent opportunities in the finance industry. Well established companies like Goldman Sachs, and newer FinTech firms like FolioDynamix and Financial Engines, are expanding their teams in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Join their team today.

San Francisco

San Francisco isn’t just a hot spot for technology jobs. It’s one of the best cities for finance jobs in the country. Finance firms are the capital support system of start ups and thriving technology companies, which has positioned San Francisco as the western hub for big banks and brokerage firms. Although the cost of living can be just as high as NYC, the competition for talent is so fierce that companies offer spectacular perks and high salaries to make up for it. Explore opportunities in San Francisco here.


Move over Dallas, Houston’s job market is heating up. Houston is home to several Fortune 500 companies and paired with an energy sector that is rapidly expanding, the job market is robust with finance opportunities. From investment banking roles to business development opportunities, Houston is a great option for finance professionals looking to advance their career somewhere other than NYC. Find your next job in Houston here.


In the past few years, Atlanta has seen a steady increase in population growth as a result of a strong job market. The city serves as the southern regional hub for Fortune 500 companies and large banks like SunTrust consistently hire finance talent in the area. Atlanta is also home to the Federal Reserve System and acts as headquarters for one of the largest independent investment companies, Invesco. Search open jobs in Atlanta here.