Technology jobs are fast growing – and offer equal pay

Technology jobs are providing for the fastest-growing industry in New York City, according to one recent study. Better yet, another recent surevey suggests that these positions offer more equal pay across gender lines than do those in almost any other industry.

A recent report from The Upshot, a blog hosted by The New York Times, noted that female computer scientists make almost 90 percent as much as male computer scientists make. That may sound like bad news, but those statistics are actually much better than those in other industries. For example, women working in the field of law make 82 percent of what men in the same field make, and women in medicine make only 71 percent of what men in their field make. Data was sourced from Claudia Goldin, a labor economist and economic expert at Harvard University.

Technology jobs are fastest-growing in New York City
Bloomberg recently reported that technology jobs in New York City have increased by 33 percent across the past four years alone, driven by large companies such as Google and Facebook. That increase represents roughly 25,000 jobs created by tech companies between 2009 and 2013, according to state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. Both DiNapoli and the Mayor of the city spoke publicly to announce the statistics, and to illustrate their belief that technology jobs in New York City will continue to increase for years to come. 

"New York City is attracting tech firms because of its unmatched quality of life, its large creative workforce, its investment opportunities, and its public commitment to fostering a tech training ground through education and university partnerships," DiNapoli said in a statement, according to the news outlet. 

The boost was bolstered by a $122.8 million investment made into tech-related companies by the state pension fund, controlled by DiNapoli, between 2007 and 2013. According to the news report, the average annual salary of technology jobs in New York City was $118,600 in 2012. That compares quite favorably with the average for other jobs in New York City, which is below $80,000.

"New York City has emerged as a global center for innovation, and my administration is committed to leveraging all of our resources effectively so that technology companies start and thrive here," Mayor Bill de Blasio recently said in relation to the boost in technology jobs, according to Businessweek.