Part II of David Pakman's Open Door Interview Released and Featured on Business Insider

David Pakman, Partner at Venrock Associates, shares exclusive advice for young professionals in Part II of his Open Door interview. David argues that enigneering is becoming the new “lingua franca” of business, and stresses the importance of the field in the future of the industry. Read the full Business Insider article below. To This Venture […]

New Open Door Interview with Peter Boyce II, Co-Founder of Rough Draft Ventures, Released & Featured on Business Insider

Peter Boyce II, Co-Founder of Rough Draft Ventures, was recently interviewed by Skiddy von Stade in the latest installment to the Open Door series. In the interview, Peter shares how he found his passion for venture capital by co-founding Rough Draft Ventures, a partnership designed to bring funding to student entrepreneurs. He also discussses the […]

Tailoring Your Resume: How to Break into Private Equity, Hedge Funds, and Venture Capital

As an investment banking analyst or lateral hire preparing for the buy-side recruiting process, it is very important to be thoughtful about your resume.  As you know, this is an incredibly competitive process with many similarly positioned candidates vying for limited spots at private equity, hedge funds and venture capital firms.  In this post, I […]