Latest Open Door Interview with Private Equity CEO Ian Snow Featured on Business Insider

Ian Snow, CEO of Snow Phipps Group, discusses the value of an MBA for young professionals in the lastest Open Door interview, featured on Business Insider. He says that there is no ‘subsitute for on-the-job training’ but that an MBA would be beneficial for professionals looking to switch careers. Read the full article here: “A Private Equity […]

OneWire CEO Discusses the Changing Recruiting Landscape for Young Analysts with The New York Times

In a recent article in The New York Times, OneWire CEO, Skiddy von Stade, speaks to the evolving recruiting landscape for young finance professionals.  He explains why private equity firms and hedge funds are becoming increasingly appealing to young analysts who receive their training at bulge bracket investment banks.  At the same time, these smaller […]

Tailoring Your Resume: How to Break into Private Equity, Hedge Funds, and Venture Capital

As an investment banking analyst or lateral hire preparing for the buy-side recruiting process, it is very important to be thoughtful about your resume.  As you know, this is an incredibly competitive process with many similarly positioned candidates vying for limited spots at private equity, hedge funds and venture capital firms.  In this post, I […]