In the Huffington Post, OneWire CEO Says Passion is the Key to Success

In a recent article in the Huffington Post, OneWire’s CEO, Skiddy von Stade, shares the key to success in finance-passion. He passes on the advice from leading finance professionals, whom he has interviewed in OneWire’s Open Door video series, highlighting their emphasis on the importance of loving the career you choose.  “A successful future in the finance sector,” he says, “depends on your ability to turn […]

New Open Door Interview with Hedge Fund CEO Steve Ketchum Featured on Business Insider

Steve Ketchum, Founder & CEO of alternative asset manager Sound Point Capital, gives advice to young professionals in the lastest Open Door interview, featured on Business Insider. Ketchum highlights being trustworthy and a self-starter as two of the most important qualities a candidate can have. “I do see that skill set—the ability to be a […]

New Open Door Interview with Goldman Sachs' Chief Diversity Officer, Featured on Business Insider

Edith Hunt, Chief Diversity Officer at Goldman Sachs, offers invaluable career advice in the new installment to the Open Door video series, featured in Business Insider. As one of the first major female players on Wall Street, Edie Hunt discusses her background and time as partner at Goldman Sachs, sharing her incredible story as a pioneering business woman. […]