Part II of Ben Carpenter’s Open Door Interview Released and Featured on Business Insider

Ben Carpenter OneWire Interview

Ben Carpenter, Vice Chairman of CRT Capital, sits down with Skiddy von Stade, CEO of OneWire, to discuss his career path and advice for recent graduates. In the second half of Ben’s interview, he provides invaluable advice from his career book, The Bigs, and his own experience as co-CEO of Greenwich Capital. Hear what Ben […]

New Open Door Interview with Fuad Sawaya, Co-Founder of Sawaya Segalas, Released and Featured on Business Insider

Fuad Sawaya, Co-Founder of the highly successful investment bank, Sawaya Segalas, sat down with CEO Skiddy von Stade in the latest edition of the Open Door interview series, featured on Business Insider. Growing up in the midst of the Lebanese Civil War, Fuad learned to prize resilience and survival instinct, two of the main traits […]