A Career in Financial Services: It's More than Money

Eric Stutzke, EVP of Finance & Operations at OneWire, recently published an article on StudentAdvisor about the importance of looking past the money when choosing a career in financial services. Stutzke offers six characteristics of the industry that students should consider instead of salary, including ambition and drive. For more, read the full article below: […]

Latest Open Door Interview with Co-Founder of Home Depot, Ken Langone, Featured on Business Insider

Ken Langone explains his humble beginnings on Wall Street to his incredible success as the Co-Founder of The Home Depot, in the latest Open Door interview featured on Business Insider. But becoming one of America’s most successful businessmen is not what means the most to Langone, providing opportunity for his employees is his proudest achievement. […]

New Open Door Interview with Goldman Sachs' Chief Diversity Officer, Featured on Business Insider

Edith Hunt, Chief Diversity Officer at Goldman Sachs, offers invaluable career advice in the new installment to the Open Door video series, featured in Business Insider. As one of the first major female players on Wall Street, Edie Hunt discusses her background and time as partner at Goldman Sachs, sharing her incredible story as a pioneering business woman. […]