Study reveals importance of advanced degrees

Individuals who are deciding what step to take next in their search for finance careers may want to consider returning to school for post-graduate education: a recent poll of human resources executives revealed the extreme importance of impressive educational experiences and high-ranking degrees. 

Human resource executives everywhere feel that "advanced academic degrees" help to establish workers as leaders at their companies and in their industries, with 89 percent of respondents noting that a worker who holds such a degree would have a better opportunity at upward mobility regardless of other factors, according to a study commissioned by Academic Partnerships. The poll also found that 86 percent of respondents felt employees with a more advanced degree had a better chance at achieving a promotion than comparable workers with bachelor's or high school degrees. Approximately 71 percent of those polled felt that advanced degrees gave workers a better chance at increased salaries. 

Unemployed workers, such as those on the hunt for banking jobs or risk management jobs, may want to consider investigating online and other options for further education, according to a representative quoted in the study. 

"It is clear that HR executives are committed to their employees' pursuit of higher education and that advanced degrees result in tangible benefits in the workplace," said Randy Best, the CEO and chairman of Academic Partnerships. "We know that online learning makes higher education more accessible and achievable for working adults and are pleased that its value is well-understood by employers.  Online learning has become a powerful force in educating working adults as they have come to understand the personal and professional advantages it provides."

Currently employed workers should also inquire whether their employer will help them advance their education. Roughly 30 percent of the executives polled noted that their tuition assistance budgets are increasing, and 81 percent of all companies polled stated that they fund some or all of the tuition costs incurred by their employees. 

Postgraduate education is valued highly around the world
A recent study in the UK had similar findings, indicating the high levels of importance placed on postgraduate education by businesses and executives. Approximately 85 percent of workers in the U.K. who had postgraduate qualifications are currently employed, according to a study of the class of 2011/12 from the Higher Education Careers Services Unit, compared to the 73.7 percent of employed individuals who left educational pursuits behind after getting their first degree.