Studies show importance of offering quality training to employees

When looking to make the best possible hires, managers looking at applicants for finance careers may do well to consider the training options that they offer. Recent studies show that the education and job preparation techniques offered by individual firms play a large role in convincing potential employees to join the team. 

New research from Robert Half Technology displayed the importance of quality job training for employers hoping to find strong new employees through recruiting or other means. The study found that 68 percent of information technology workers identified the ability to acquire new skills as extremely important when evaluating a job opportunity, with another 64 percent indicating that the ability to keep their skills current in the coming years was a major concern. 

Another study suggested that the findings cross over to other industries, such as finance jobs. Training Industry, Inc, and AXIOM Sales recently released the results of a similar study, showing that effective companies devote as much effort to sales training as they do to planning and delivery.

"In the past, companies would send their people to sales training over weeks and months," said Bob Sanders, the CEO of Axiom, explaining how most employers aren't currently offering suitable training opportunities. "Now, sales training averages 2-4 days."