Hiring this summer? Stay on track with this month-to-month recruiting checklist!

Recruiting Checklist

Summer – the season of calmer workdays, lazy weekends and long awaited vacations. If you’re responsible for hiring this summer though, you may think differently.

Recruiting during the summer months can be difficult for even the most seasoned hiring manager. Colleagues are on vacation, candidates aren’t responding and the talent market quiets down considerably.

To help you stay on top of your hiring initiatives in June, follow the recruiting checklist below (stay tuned for July & August!).

June Recruiting Checklist 

Download our printable template here!

The first month of summer is the perfect time to evaluate your overall recruiting strategy this summer. It could also be your last chance to communicate with candidates and colleagues before vacations start tailing off your response rate.

Before you start crossing off boxes on your recruiting checklist, ask yourself these questions first. Even if you already know the answers, it’s a great way to check in on where you stand with your current efforts.

  • How many positions will you need to fill?
  • What is your overall budget?
  • Which outlets will you be posting jobs or sourcing candidates from?
    • How much do they cost?
  • Who is involved in the decision making?

These questions will form a foundation for your summer hiring strategy and guide you through the next steps on the recruiting checklist. June is all about preparation and establishing lines of communication. It’s important to be aware of when candidates and your colleagues will be out on vacation to manage timeline expectations. If you’re in the middle of a hiring process, aim to make a final decision in the next few weeks before communication starts slowing down. Otherwise, let’s start checking off boxes!

To do in June:

☑ Establish # of open positions to be filled

☑ Establish overall summer recruiting budget

☑ Determine outlets for job postings and resume sourcing

☑ List decision makers for each position

☑ Contact decision makers for vacation schedules

☑ Create a shared vacation calendar to track schedules

☑ Reach out to candidates already in pipeline

– Ask for any planned vacations or upcoming out of offices

– Update them on any changes to your hiring timeline

☑ Set up sourcing efforts for anticipated openings

– Establish must-have candidate qualifications with decision makers

Automate searches for relevant talent

Completing this recruiting checklist will give you a better idea of what’s in store for the rest of the summer and help you stay on track regardless of vacation schedules.

If you don’t have any plans to hire this summer, we recommend building out your talent pipeline regardless (the last box on your checklist). Although summer can be slower on the recruiting front, a more relaxed environment also gives candidates the chance to interview elsewhere. Don’t be caught facing a new vacancy without at least a few resumes to back you up.

Check back in a month for the July edition of your summer recruiting checklist!

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