Small business owners are feeling confident about the future

Individuals on the hunt for finance jobs or accounting jobs may do well to investigate opportunities at startups and small businesses in their area. A recent study shows that owners are feeling increasingly optimistic about the future for their sales – and that could lead to an uptick in hiring practices. 

Small-business optimism surged forward during July and August, with the Wall Street Journal's CEO Survey displaying large increases in the confidence index. That figure reached a high of 104.2 points in August, up significantly from the 102.2 points recorded in July, as well as from the 93.7 points recorded in August 2012, according to the newspaper. 

Better yet, 73 percent of business owners expect revenues to increase over the course of the year, according to the news outlet. Another 54 percent of owners expect their profitability to see improvement, as well, representing the largest percentages for these figures recorded since the survey began in June 2012.

The latest small-business optimism survey conducted by Gallup found similar results, recording the highest confidence index score since the third quarter of 2008

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal survey found that approximately 50 percent of small business owners plan to increase hiring rates over the next 12 months, up from the 40 percent who reported having such plans in November 2012.