Hiring this summer? This July recruiting checklist will keep you on track!

Recruiting Checklist

Last month, we published our June recruiting checklist to help you stay on track for your summer hiring goals. Now that you have a solid foundation, it’s time to start recruiting!

By now you should know the following: how many positions are open, their qualifications, your budget and your coworkers’ schedules. Maybe you even set up saved searches to get a head start on your sourcing efforts. It’s time to take the next step this month to source candidates and set up first-round interviews. August means vacation so the more you can set up now, the better you’ll be come September.

July Recruiting Checklist

Download our printable template here!

The goal at the end of July is to complete your first-round interviews. Depending on your hiring process, that could mean a simple phone screen or a more in-depth interview. However you define it, it should be your first conversation with candidates relevant for the role.

The first step in attracting the right candidates is to create well thought out job descriptions based on the criteria you gathered. Make sure you’re optimizing them with focus keywords and stay true to the responsibilities and requirements of the position. After finalizing, post your job out to the list of outlets you created in June to start driving applications.

Once you build a relevant pipeline, select your top candidates for first-round interviews and add them to a dedicated resume book (we’ll come back to this). Compile a list of short but focused interview questions that will give you a general sense of background and experience from each candidate.

Finally, create an interview calendar based on the schedules you received from your colleagues back in June and start setting up interviews. Record feedback in your resume book during the interview process to easily keep track of candidates. If you’re using the resume book feature on OneWire, you can easily share your feedback with colleagues and store it on the candidate’s resume.

Now that you’re prepped and ready, it’s time to start checking off boxes!

To do in July:

☑ Create job descriptions

☑ Post jobs to pre-determined outlets

☑ Source candidates based on job criteria

☑ Add candidates to a dedicated resume book for first-round interviews

☑ Compile a list of interview questions for each position

☑ Create an interview calendar

☑ Contact candidates to set up first-round interviews

☑ Record and share candidate feedback

☑ Determine who’s moving on to second-round interviews

Check back in a month for the August edition of your summer recruiting checklist!

Need help managing the recruiting process? Our team is here to help. Contact us to schedule a free recruiting consultation with one of our experts!

Need help managing the recruiting process? Our team is here to help. Complete the form below to schedule a free recruiting consultation with one of our experts.