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  • Are these job description mistakes impacting your application completion rate?

    A well-written job description can be your ultimate weapon in your recruiting toolbox. It’s the first time a candidate interacts with your employer brand and can influence their perception of your company as a whole. However, if you’ve made any mistakes within the job description, it can impact everything from your application completion rate to candidate experience. […]

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  • 7 Hot Finance Companies Hiring in June

    hiring companies summer

    Summer is here and there’s no better way to take advantage of the season than to start looking for a new job. Slower schedules and flexible work hours invade even the strictest industries, opening up your schedule for touching up your resume and scheduling interviews. Regardless of the slower season, there are always companies hiring in the […]

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  • Hiring this summer? Stay on track with this month-to-month recruiting checklist!

    Recruiting Checklist

    Summer – the season of calmer workdays, lazy weekends and long awaited vacations. If you’re responsible for hiring this summer though, you may think differently. Recruiting during the summer months can be difficult for even the most seasoned hiring manager. Colleagues are on vacation, candidates aren’t responding and the talent market quiets down considerably. To help you […]

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  • Demand for cybersecurity talent on the rise

    demand for cybersecurity talent

    Responses to the recent global cyber attack were as expected – calls for regulation, security lock downs and discussions about the fate of technology in the future. By 2020, some experts predict that nearly 200 billion items will be connected. That’s 200 billion chances to hack into vulnerabilities, and companies beyond the technology sector are starting […]