OneWire Releases New Enhancements to its Talent Management Platform

OneWire Releases New Enhancements to its Talent Management Platform

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OneWire, revolutionizing career and talent management, today announced a new release of its single-platform, cloud-based solution for candidates and companies. The latest release provides new integration, reporting and referral features designed to streamline and improve applicant tracking workflow, candidate engagement and sourcing effectiveness.

The release includes the following highlights:

  • Integrated Interview Scheduling: Integration of MS Exchange provides companies with streamlined interview coordination
  • Reporting: Suite of web-based reporting capabilities give companies insight into applicant tracking workflow with metrics to measure success
  • Expanded Referral Features: Enhanced referral abilities allow candidates to refer all job opportunities to relevant friends and colleagues
  • Social Media Sharing: New functionality enables candidates to automatically promote new positions at their company across their social media networks

“This release improves visibility into applicant tracking workflow and accelerates candidate engagement, demonstrating our commitment to provide a revolutionary talent management solution that delivers precise career connections,” said Skiddy von Stade, CEO, Chairman, and co-Founder of OneWire.

New MS Exchange integration and on-demand reporting features provide a more efficient talent management workflow, while delivering data companies need to assess their talent management initiatives.

Expanded referral features and automatic Social Media Sharing capabilities increase candidate engagement, expose individuals to the referral bounty system, and allow users to quickly and easily drive targeted applicants into OneWire’s community. Companies can better engage and leverage their internal talent to gain access to a larger pool of qualified candidates.

Von Stade added, “We are devoted to providing our users with the tools they need to be successful and continuously enhancing our product, ensuring that companies can optimize their talent management process to experience better matches, a smoother workflow and reduced time and expense.”

About OneWire

OneWire revolutionizes career and talent management by precisely connecting candidates and companies in a controlled setting. For candidates, OneWire connects them with relevant opportunities and provides a confidential profile that allows them to manage their careers for life. For employers, OneWire offers a single-platform solution that consolidates the recruiting process, from sourcing and applicant tracking to skills assessment and internal referrals. OneWire reduces time and cost for both by delivering the most precise matches.

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