OneWire May 2012 Candidate Survey Reveals Jobseekers' Views of Financial Services Industry Job Market

What Job Advice Would You Give a Recent Graduate?
OneWire Survey Asks Financial Services Professionals if They Would Recommend Their Industry to New Grads

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire -06/25/12)- OneWire®, where finance professionals get hired, today revealed results of its May 2012 candidate survey, which asked financial services professionals about their views of the industry and its potential for recent college graduates.

The survey asked nearly 500 jobseekers in the financial services industry if they would encourage recent college graduates to enter the field, given the numerous changes in the industry over the last few years. Respondents were evenly split in their answers, with 51.5 percent saying they would recommend graduates join the industry and 48.5 percent advising them against doing so.

The 48.5 percent who responded negatively to this question were then asked a follow-up question about the biggest determinant of their answer. A plurality of respondents (40.6 percent) cited lack of job stability as the main reason for why graduates should not enter the financial services industry. More than one-fifth (21.1 percent) suggested the changed perception of the industry as their determining factor. Additionally, respondents indicated decreased compensation (14.5 percent) and increased regulation (10.1 percent) as their reasons for advising graduates against looking for jobs in the industry.

The 13.7 percent of respondents who selected “Other” were asked to provide a specific answer. While several suggested their reasoning was based on “all of the above,” other answers put forth the competitive nature of the industry due to decreased hiring and the outsourcing of jobs overseas. Other answers included a lack of work-life balance, fewer opportunities for mobility and the risky nature of the industry.

“The results of the candidate survey were fascinating, indicating that half of current financial services candidates would recommend that new graduates avoid entering the field,” said Brin McCagg, president and COO of OneWire. “As the leading reason is due to lack of job stability, it is clear that the effects of the economic crisis still resonate and have created the perception of volatility in the financial services job market. OneWire aims to improve this perception by ensuring financial professionals are matched to companies and positions for which they are most qualified.”

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