OneWire Community Survey Reveals Importance of Job Growth in Presidential Election


Majority of Finance Professionals Indicate Job Creation as Most Important Issue in Determining
Choice for President

NEW YORK, NY (November 5, 2012) – OneWire®, the premier destination for finance professionals, today announced the results of its latest candidate survey, designed to gauge the importance of job growth for more than 700 professionals in the finance industry in determining how they will vote in tomorrow’s presidential election. Conducted in October 2012, the survey also asked participants which presidential candidate would do more to improve the economy and their prospects as a job seeker.

Overall, more than 80 percent of respondents indicated that job creation is a primary factor in determining their vote for president. The level of response is more than 10 percent higher than when OneWire asked its community of active and passive job seekers in the finance industry the same question one year ago.  This increase highlights the growing importance of job creation as the election approaches, as well as the fact that significantly more individuals are concerned about the issue than last year.

Of those who indicated that job creation is a main factor in determining how they will vote, nearly 70 percent responded that it is the single most important issue. Respondents also offered comments to explain their reasoning, with several offering that job creation is the backbone of the economic recovery and will spur future growth.

The survey also asked participants which candidate they feel will bring faster job growth and economic growth over the next four years. The results show Mitt Romney to have a slight edge over Barack Obama, with 50.6 percent favoring the Republican candidate and 45.4 in support of the president.  When asked which candidate would best improve their prospects as a finance professional, 47.0 percent selected Romney, with 28.5 percent suggesting Obama. Still, pessimism about future job growth remains, as indicated by the one-quarter of respondents who suggested they do not think either candidate will make a difference.

“In light of ongoing economic uncertainty, finance professionals continue to face challenges in the job market. As a result, job growth has proven to be one of the most crucial issues during the presidential election,” said Skiddy von Stade, CEO  of OneWire. “Although our survey shows that finance professionals are relatively split about which candidate they believe can best improve the economy, the vast majority agree that job growth has become an increasingly critical aspect in shaping their political stance and how they will vote tomorrow.”


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