New poll ranks the best MBA programs

If you’re looking to earn a career in finance, you’ll need to be well educated. If you’re looking to land highly sought-after wealth management jobs or hedge fund jobs, however, you’ll need to be more than educated – you’ll need to be a master. A Master’s of Business Administration degree has been helping the best and brightest finance workers to advance in their field through generations.

However, it leaves a major question to be asked: once an individual has decided to study for their MBA, where should they apply to attend? The purpose of obtaining these degrees is to give yourself the best education possible, as well as a leg up on the competition for jobs you’ll be engaged in after you graduate. So, simply obtaining the degree isn’t enough – you need to work hard, apply extensively and do everything possible to afford yourself the opportunity to study at one of the best schools available to you.

Where are the best schools to study?
The yearly Poets & Quants ranking of the best full-time MBA programs in the U.S. was recently released – giving would-be finance professionals priceless insights about where the most valuable educations in the country are available.

However, those who have followed such rankings closely in past years won’t have many changes to adjust to. Poets & Quants found that the same schools that made up the top 10 MBA programs in 2012 made up the top 10 programs in 2013 as well. Harvard Business School continued to was named the first-ranked MBA program in the U.S., taking the top spot for the fourth year in a row.

The outlet reported that Stanford ranked second place in the country, while the University of Chicago took third place and the University of Pennsylvania took fourth. However, these top-placed universities may not be separated by much: the Poets & Quants report noted that the scores for the top four schools differed by a fraction of a single point.

Northwestern University was positioned as the fifth best program in the country, with the MBA programs at MIT, Columbia Business School, Dartmouth and Duke following, respectively. The top 10 published by Poets & Quants was rounded out by the University of California at Berkeley.

However, those rankings were limited to the U.S. The London Business School topped the list of the best MBA programs available outside the U.S.

How does the list compare to other rankings?
The Poets & Quants rankings, however, aren’t the only such list that’s been released recently. Forbes’ latest rankings, released earlier this year, also identified the Harvard Business School as the best MBA program in the U.S. The program at Stanford University was ranked in second, while the University of Chicago placed third and the University of Pennsylvania placed in fourth.

Businessweek, alternatively, had previously ranked the top executive MBA programs of 2013. That news outlet reported that the Northwestern University MBA program was the best in the country, with the University of Chicago following in second place, Southern Methodist University in third and the University of Pennsylvania in fourth.

There’s no one specific school that students need to attend to give themselves the best opportunities in the job market. Whether you’re looking to break into a burgeoning market like technology jobs or are angling for a promotion to the executive level at your current place of employment, an MBA degree – from any school – can help a great deal. Yet if you study at any of the universities listed here, you can be sure that recruiters will be tracking your movements from the moment that you graduate.