New Interview with Phil McConkey, President of Academy Securities

Phil McConkey, Academy Securities Interview

In the latest installment to the Open Door series, Skiddy von Stade sits down with Phil McConkey, President of Academy Securities, former military man, and winner of Super Bowl XXI with the NY Giants. After serving five years in the Navy, Phil decided to give his dreams of becoming a professional football player one more shot. At 27, he was drafted by the New York Giants as a wide receiver, helping the team win Super Bowl XXI in 1986.

Phil is now President of Academy Securities, the first and only post-9/11 Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated Broker Dealer. In his interview, Phil explains the mission of Academy Securities of bringing together military and industry veterans to create a culture of integrity, loyalty, and teamwork. Visit the link below for Part 1 of his interview, featured on Business Insider.

The amazing story of how a Navy pilot-turned-Super Bowl winner made it on Wall Street