Matchbook Launches Talent Marketplace For London Based Asset Managers


Matchbook, the talent marketplace for the financial services industry, announced today the launch of the first tech-delivered, curated shortlist of talent for the London market. Matchbook will debut its talent marketplace by showcasing screened investment analysts to hedge funds and asset managers.

Matchbook, a OneWire brand, provides a role-based marketplace of screened and vetted talent ready to make a move. Hiring firms can subscribe to different roles, view profiles, read recruiter notes, view compensation expectations, and interview candidates all free of charge. The Company charges a reduced success fee if a hire is made, limiting the up-front risk and putting the firm in control of the process. Matchbook also offers customized tech-enabled executive search through a collaborative and transparent process.

“We’re very proud and excited to launch Matchbook to the London financial community. After striking several strategic partnerships in the city, we feel confident there is a market opportunity to provide an alternative to traditional search, by delivering screened, high quality talent with greater speed and cost savings via the Matchbook technology”, said Eric Stutzke, CEO of OneWire.

The decision to launch Matchbook in London, the Company’s first international market, was based on feedback and demand from finance professionals wishing for control and confidentiality over the recruiting process, and hiring firms looking for efficiency, lower costs and vetted, top talent. Qualified firms can join for free and only pay on success. Candidates are screened and open to conversations with respective employers. The application can be accessed from anywhere using a login and password, empowering both candidate and firm with direct control of the process.

Stutzke continued, “The traditional process of a recruiter sending you three to five CV’s is ripe for disruption. Matchbook puts employers in control and lets them decide who they want to meet on their own terms. Technology allows us to source, screen and present candidates faster than traditional search, reducing the time to interview and the overall cost to hire.”

Interested employers and direct hiring managers who are interested in signing up should request access at If you are a London based investment analyst interested in participating in Matchbook, you can apply at