Making your firm a more desirable place to work [INFOGRAPHIC]

Firms offering top finance jobs are going to have to work on appearing better than the competition. If working at your company seems like the most enjoyable and rewarding experience, then that’s where candidates will flock to. There are three points to establishing a desirable work place.

First you should work on developing flexible scheduling. These days, investment banks especially are being cautious about what they demand of their employees in terms of hours, and for good reason. Research has shown telecommuters are more productive and happier, and schedule flexibility is increasingly becoming an expected offering rather than an exceptional privilege.

To create a desirable workplace, you are also going to need to offer opportunities for training and professional development. Advancement opportunities have traditionally been important to employees, and this hasn’t changed at all. The ability to move ahead is still something that people valuefor their career . Offering chances to train in uncharted territories or the opportunity to be promoted from within will tell your staff that you care about their professional development.

The final step to making your office a desirable place to work is establishing a strong company culture, something that can be partially achieved through pushing the two initiativesnoted above. But there’s more to a company culture than just the perks. Additionally, you can improve corporate culture by showing appreciation, listening to suggestions, avoiding micro-management and providing activities outside the office, such as Friday happy hours and company holiday parties

Taking these steps will ensure that you’ve created an environment that people want to work in. Check out the full infographic below for more insight:

Make your firm a more desirable place to work