Job applicants feel 'day-after remorse' with social media accounts

Nowadays, your social media profile is like your second application – for some hiring managers, it's just as much a legitimate reason for cutting a potential hire as a lacking resume is. So it's no surprise that young professionals in search of careers in finance and other fields experience widespread remorse in regards to the things they post.

According to a new survey from, more than 25 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 34 years old believe that a photo, comment, or other social media posting will eventually cost them a job. The survey was conducted in reference to Facebook, Twtter, and Tumblr, among other websites.

"People love using social media to share their thoughts and life experiences," said Stephanie Rahifs, speaking on behalf of the firm that conducted the study. "The drawback is that many comments, photos and other information may not be looked upon favorably by employers. And taking down or removing a post or photo may not be enough."

Indeed, it's a well-known maxim that nothing is ever truly deleted from the internet. So for youths in search of eventual finance careers or hedge fund jobs, think twice before you make any posts – don't rely on the delete button!