Joanne Wilson is the latest successful executive to offer her career advice

Joanne Wilson offers one of the most interesting stories of any executive who has spoken to OneWire. She’s been a buyer at Macy’s, led a sales division, written as an online blogger, worked in the technology industry and much more. Now she’s working with a multitude of different businesses as an angel investor – and is currently an advisor for an astounding 35 different companies.

Where does such an incredible career even start? Wilson lived in Los Angeles until the age of 7, before moving to Michigan. Both her parents were entrepreneurs – which got her interested in business at an early age. However, once her career began, her path to her current employment was anything but direct.

“I was in the tech industry [working technology jobs,] and then the tech industry slid off the map,” she explained to us in her exclusive interview. “I was trying to figure out what was next, and I started blogging. That blogging led me to where I am today. An audience started reading me, and I started hearing from entrepreneurs.”

From there, Wilson began investing in companies that she covered while she was blogging as the “Gotham Gal.” She’s been a supporter to businesswomen throughout her career – in fact, roughly 70 percent of the businesses she has invested in were either founded or operated by women.

“I think women, in particular, build businesses that fill voids in their lives,” she said, when asked about the difference between male and female entrepreneurs. “Also, I think women are much more team-oriented than men. I think they’re much more realistic in regards to what their businesses can do.”

Though some may find Wilson’s remarks arguable, she’s clearly got a vision about how to invest her capital – and putting her trust in female entrepreneurs has brought her great success.