Interviewing for technology jobs? Here are some must-read tips

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Interviewing for technology jobs is different than interviewing for any other kind of position – even within the confines of the finance industry. Interviewers will have high expectations, they're going to ask some crazy questions, and you can never be quite sure what kind of attitude and answers they'll be looking for.

However, that doesn't mean that every interview for a tech job needs to be a nerve-wracking experience. A recent LifeHacker report, culling experiences and interviews with companies like Twitter, Disney Animation and Google, offered numerous tips to individuals applying for tech jobs. Other recent articles, from Business Insider and others, have also collected some of the most ridiculous interview questions asked in relation to technology jobs. We've gone through these figures and put together a list of tips for OneWire readers – with their help, you'll surely ace your next tech job interview, regardless of how ridiculous the questions are. 

1. Get your profiles ready, and updated
You're interviewing for technology jobs, so your online presence better be top-shelf. LifeHacker notes that it's an immediate turn-off for interviewing companies if you see that you have a LinkedIn page you haven't updated in months, for instance. So make sure all the publicly available information regarding you is up-to-date – or your hopes at earning a technology job may be dashed before the interview even begins. 

2. Don't rest on your laurels (or your resume) – have a portfolio ready
When hiring managers are looking for individuals to hire for technology jobs, they want more than someone who seems like a good fit for their company – they're going to want demonstrated proof that you're capable of handling the tasks they'll be assigning to you. So ensure you bring more than a resume to your job interview. Bring a portfolio of your work, or at least a few impressive examples of work you've done elsewhere, and you'll be giving yourself a much greater chance of earning employment. 

3. Keep your wits about you
Business Insider detailed the numerous "crazy" questions that applicants to technology jobs have been asked, like "How would you use Yelp to find the number of businesses in the U.S.?" The news outlet also suggests answers to these questions. For instance, in regards to the Yelp question, it suggests answering to the effect of "I wouldn't use something as untrustworthy as Yelp – I'd check with the U.S. Census Bureau."

4. Be confident without being falsely boastful
This one relates to the portfolio: you never want to stretch or exaggerate your accomplishments in a job interview, but you certainly don't want to do so in an interview for a technology position. These hiring managers are going to call your bluff, so to speak, and demand you display whatever aptitudes or talents you claim to have. So don't be too boastful in one of these interviews – or you may be caught bragging about something you're not entirely proficient at. You can trust that, if that happens, you won't be getting a callback interview. 

5. Expect to be tested
Tests are common in many different fields of industry, but they may be most often in the tech field. Whatever type of job you're interviewing for, you can expect that you'll face some kind of exam – you may be asked to "write an API that returns statistics calculated from log data," according to LifeHacker, or perhaps to "write a ruby script that backs up a webserver and database to a tar.gz." So if you don't have such basics down pat, you might want to wait on your applications. And if you do, then you're likely more than prepared for your next interview!