How to optimize your job descriptions

Most people looking for a job will start by conducting an online search. And if you want your company to show up in the results, optimizing your job descriptions is a necessary part of creating your post.

With every online job description you post, it will be important to make sure that the text is effective and optimized to pop up high in people's search results. If you simply post "investment banking analyst," with little as to what differentiates an investment banking position at your company from the other thousands of listings, then your post likely won't produce the results that you were hoping for. Instead, you must put a bit of extra effort into ensuring that your job descriptions are as effective as possible, with each and every word packing a punch and chosen to draw in only the best talent around. 

The key is in your words
First off, if you don't already, you'll have to start recognizing the importance of keywords. While not as vital as they once were, when every sentence was dominated by search engine optimization techniques, they are still important for giving your posts a boost up the search listing hierarchy. Note the city that the job is located in, as well as any commonly searched word combinations that you suspect people interested in finance careers may be using.

When you're utilizing keywords, make sure to throw them into headlines and bold some of them. While you shouldn't overdo this – it won't help much after a certain point – peppering keywords into recognizably important lines of text will optimize their effect. 

Let's go back to location for a minute, because as far as keywords go, where the office is will prove to be one of the most important. The location is vital because when people start browsing online, their searches will probably read something like this: "financial analyst jobs in New York City." Location is crucial, so don't forget to emphasize it in your description. 

"Job seekers will love the visual element videos offer."

Keep the posts visual with video
Something that will really make your description stand out is the use of a video to further explain to potential candidates what you are looking for. Search engines place special importance on video and the job seekers will love the visual element they offer. A video will keep candidates on your page for longer, ensure that they remain engaged and show everyone what kind of company you are running – one that knows exactly what it is doing. 

Optimizing your job posts will ensure that as many people as possible come across them – including the best of the best talent out there. The optimization of your post with keywords or the inclusion of aesthetically pleasing and engaging elements such as video will be sure to boost your reach to qualified candidates.