How to make your business attractive to top talent – online and off

With unemployment and job openings shifting at high rates, it's becoming harder for hiring managers to find the top-quality hires they need to lead and orchestrate innovation in their business. The competition for careers in finance – things like accounting jobs and risk management jobs – is fierce, but so is the competition among firms to find the most valuable new applicants. Companies count on young hires fresh out of college, and established industry leaders in search of new opportunities to help imbue their firms with new blood – and with new ideas.

To get those potential hires to sign on the dotted line, you need to make sure your business looks incredibly attractive. And that doesn't just mean on location, or with perks or high wages – in this day and age, you need to be have an impressive look for your business beyond those factors, both online and off. Still, with these tips, you can ensure you have your applicants swooning.

Build your website with talent in mind
Most businesses design their official web pages with consumers in mind, but you should also be aware that any potential applicants will also be looking at it. Use images and phrases that describe the quality of life your firm can offer, and make it clear that you're a business that's focused on pleasing your employees. Testimonial blog posts from current employees can also go a long way in creating a positive image of work at your firm. You'll have potential hires rushing to send you their applications in no time.

Embrace your technological sophistication – or create it
In numerous polls, "millennial" workers have identified technological sophistication as a major factor in choosing where to work. Make sure your on-site computers are stocked up with all the latest pertinent apps – and then don't be afraid to blatantly advertise the fact that your firm is technologically superior when compared to competitors.

Be open to new ways of working
Young hires are, as we all know, more connected than ever – to their phones, to their tablets, and to all manners of technology. This brings with it the worry of distraction, but it also allows for a much higher level of inter-connectivity.

Consider the creation of a policy that allows employees to work remotely. Advancements, such as conference calls and video chats makes this much easier. You can also aim to create centralized data storage units, so that pertinent information can be accessed by anyone, anywhere. These may seem like small steps – but one of them could be the decision that earns you your next MVP employee.