How long does it take to fill accounting and finance jobs?

For employers at financial firms, filling accounting and finance jobs can be more than just an inconvenience. When a position is left unfilled at a firm, that represents work that isn't being completed at the office – meaning that employers have to work hard to fill these positions as quickly as possible. However, a recent Robert Half survey suggests that many employers take weeks, if not months, to hire new employees for accounting jobs and other positions.

The latest Robert Half Finance and Accounting survey found that it takes the average office five weeks to hire an employee for a management position. Lower-level positions are just as challenging to hire for: it takes an average of four weeks to hire someone to work even a staff-level accounting or finance position, according to the firm. These statistics suggest that many organizations struggle with filling empty positions in a timely manner, which means companies are likely falling behind on workloads. Paul McDonald, senior executive director at Robert Half, suggested that ongoing recruiting techniques could help in keeping the amount of time needed to fill a position to an absolute minimum.

"To find and keep great people, companies need to make recruitment an ongoing priority, even if they are not actively looking to hire," said McDonald. "A pipeline of potential candidates can speed up the hiring process and prevent problems associated with being short-staffed, like burnout of key employees. Recruiters have access to hard-to-find candidates, including professionals who are not actively looking for a new job but ready to make a move for the right opportunity."

Another way businesses can work to quickly fill staff positions is to use recruiting and job listing websites. OneWire, for instance, offers a number of resources for both employees and employers who are looking to apply for or hire for unfilled accounting jobs.