Guideline and Tips For Remote Hiring

With many financial services companies continuing the work from home status in the wake of COVID-19 office closures, our executive search team has been busy helping clients navigate hiring in this climate.

Yes, fully remote hiring is possible!

The resurgence of lateral hiring is certainly a refreshing sight! However, there still remains a lot of uncertainty around how to manage a fully remote hiring process. Thus, we wanted to impart some tips and guidelines.


While most senior level roles greatly benefit from the guidance, dedication, and resources of a head-hunter, many junior level or high-turnover roles, can be handled independently.

If you have the time and resources to handle junior to mid-level recruiting yourself,

Go for it!

A structured process helps with both time management and creating a positive candidate experience. DIY recruiting can be broken down into three basic stages: Role Defining, Sourcing, and Interview.

Stage 1Role Defining. First and foremost, take the time to answer the following questions and write out a job description. Even if not publicly marketing the opportunity:

  • What are the core requirements and responsibilities of the role?
  • Who does this role report to and/or what is the team dynamic?
  • What makes this role uniquely appealing to star candidates?
  • What compensation range and benefits are you offering?

Stage 2Sourcing. Finding great candidates can truly be a hunt! We recommend leveraging as many of the following resources as possible to help maximize your talent reach:

  • Post your job opportunity (e.g.- OneWire has the largest finance community in N. America)
  • Use your network (e.g.- Request candidate referrals from colleagues via email or social platforms).
  • Proactively search and connect with talent online (e.g.- LinkedIn or OneWire resume search)
  • Try a low-cost talent platform (e.g.- suggests pre-vetted candidates, free to access)

Stage 3 – Interview. Prepare structured notes and role specific qualification questions to reference during each interview.  Additionally, consider including questions that help ascertain an individual’s work ethic, communication skills, and personality as well. Here are some examples:

  • What is your ideal work environment and why?
  • What appeals most to you about this opportunity?
  • Tell me about a difficult situation that you had to overcome?
  • Who would you cite as your biggest mentor or role model?
  • What software tools do you find most useful to your day to day?


We all value the tradition of an old-fashioned handshake to help forge a new working relationship! However, heightened social distancing measures may not make this a viable option these days.

There are several ways to qualify candidates remotely!

Trust the following options to help screen and vet candidates remotely:

Phone Interviews are a great way to begin a dialogue under any circumstances. For follow-up interviews with more promising candidates, consider hosting a “conference call” where one or two colleagues help conduct the interview. This option tends to encourage diverse feedback, internal collaboration, and reduced overall time in the decision-making process.

Video Chat is a fantastic later stage option. Remember, not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera. To make the encounter more personable and take the pressure off, perhaps reserve this as a final stage “meet and greet”.

Homework Assignments and work samples are a great way to assess a candidate’s skillsets and potential, as well as interest in the role. Consider requesting 2 – 3 sample assignments that can be completed within an evening at most. For best results, keep it relevant and interesting for the candidate too.

Reference Checks go a long way in helping to verify an individual’s work history and credibility. A qualified candidate should be able to provide at least three references who can validate his/her qualifications, work ethic, communication skills, team dynamic, and more.


The return to in-person interviews is where extreme discretion comes in. With no cure or vaccine readily available to protect the workforce against COVID-19, safety comes first!

Although Socially Distanced In-Person Meetings may become more viable in offices permitted to reopen, they should still be conducted in a manner that is SAFE and COMFORTABLE for both the employer and the candidate. *

Should both parties be in good health and elect to meet in-person, we highly recommend that management first consult local government-issued guidelines for ensuring safe social distancing measures. We also suggest outlining the measures taken to ensure a safe and sterile environment for the candidate in advance of scheduling such a meeting.

* Here are some resources for NY businesses:,, and CDC


If “WFH” (work from home) is your company’s new norm, why not branch out to find the best talent, rather than limiting yourself to local talent!

“WFH” enables the hunt for the BEST talent over local talent!

As this period has proven, there are many roles that do not actually require the office setting to be successful. Entire departments in some cases are proving just as effective with a remote workforce. Thus, so long as there is an effective screening and vetting process in place, is it not a viable option to hire the best talent to work from anywhere?


Our executive search team is passionate about finding and qualifying the best finance talent across the globe! Should you need any assistance or have further questions about remote recruiting, please contact me at [email protected]! We’re all in this together and here to help!

Best Regards,