Get a jumpstart on 2018 with these 10 career moves

Career Goals 2018

With 2018 not far off and holiday fever in full swing, it’s easy to lose track of your career goals. Buying gifts and working out travel plans takes up time and your plans for 2018 might seem momentarily unimportant.

But before the calendar flips to the dreaded Jan. 1, set yourself up for success by making these 10 career moves before the end of the year.

1. Establish new career goals for yourself
With only a few weeks left in the year, now is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the direction you’d like your path to take in 2018. Maybe you’re looking to improve at your current position or are aiming for a promotion. Whatever your objective may be, having a Number One career goal will help frame your decisions, and the subsequent ones thereafter.

2. Have a plan to achieve those goals
Once you have a primary goal in mind, you’ve got to get specific about how you’ll achieve it. Create a realistic, step-by-step plan. Make sure that your plan comes with a timeline. Holding yourself to deadlines can be the difference between a plan that goes nowhere and one that takes you where you want to go.

Keep track of your career goals with organized notebooks and charts.Keeping track of your goals with a calendar will help hold you to your timetable.

3. Update your calendar
Using either a calendar app or a good old-fashioned paper one, mark down your date-specific goals and timetable. That includes everything from the early stages, like when you’ll set aside time to search jobs and really work on your resume, to later goals, like when you hope to secure interviews. While you’re at it, set some time aside for a 2018 vacation. You deserve it!

4. Be proactive about your performance
If you’re angling for a promotion next year, one of the best ways to grab a manager’s attention is by reaching out to them to schedule a review meeting. Being proactive about your performance and management’s expectations can go a long way in the finance industry. Your boss will remember if you step up and own your career by doing everything possible to improve it.

5. Get to know your co-workers better at holiday parties
There’s no easier way to be happy at work than by developing strong relationships with your fellow co-workers. Not only will being close with your office mates make showing up every day a pleasant experience, but doing so will make you a more productive and appreciated employee.

6. Update your resume
A resume should never be left to stagnate. This time of year, when you can rely on rich food and holiday cheer for comfort, is perfect for updating your resume. To save yourself some headaches, break up revisions over several hours or even days. That way you’ll keep stress to a minimum and still have the document ready to go in case a new position comes up.

7. Put a new coat of paint on your online profiles 
Make sure that all your information is up-to-date and looking smart wherever your resume may be. One helpful hint is that if you update your resume on OneWire once, any employer you’ve shown interest in automatically receives your newest resume. Don’t be surprised if you find that hiring managers reach out to you once you update your information. They’re always searching for great talent behind the scenes!

“In the finance industry, it’s essential that you continually develop and enhance your skill set.”

8. Take professional development courses
In the finance industry in particular, it’s essential that you continually develop and enhance your skill set. To improve your professional identity in 2018, consider attending industry conferences and organizations – speaking opportunities are a great way to grow your standing – or even pursue education opportunities, like a CPA or MBA.

9. Catch up on correspondence
The arrival of the new year provides a great excuse for getting back in touch, both professionally and personally, with people you haven’t spoken to in a while. Writing a few emails or sending a few texts to schedule a lunch or drinks can alleviate stress at work while also putting you back in touch with those who might help advance your career.

10. Finally, clean up your office space
This may either be the easiest or most difficult step. Cleaning out a desk is like cleaning up a house – it gives you more room to breathe and more space to think. Eliminating clutter and maximizing efficiency are visual signs to your boss – and yourself – that your focus is entirely on the work at hand.

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This post was recently updated from an original post published in 2015.