Four tips to attract top-level employees

The total amount of job openings climbed again in May, according to statistics released by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Overall hiring also climbed from the previous month. But, with unemployment remaining high, the job market continues to be incredibly competitive. And for hiring managers working in fields with 'high demand' jobs – like finance careers, or investment banking jobs – finding the right hire can take an inordinate amount of time. But, for businesses with attractive cultures and reputations, finding workers has never been easier. Social media and other new avenues for brand recognition has made reaching your would-be employees easier than ever before. And by following these four tips, you can ensure that your next potential star employee won't end up working for your competition.

Create brand awareness among possible applicants
Companies who have dominated their respective fields, like Google or Apple, draw innumerable unsolicited applicants. While your business likely doesn't have the household name-value the aforementioned corporations do, you can still help reach your potential employees by employing new avenues to create brand awareness for your business. A Facebook profile isn't enough anymore – you'll want to consider creating profiles on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and possibly even more social media outlets. By creating a way to communicate daily with your customer base, you'll also be attracting the eyes of other talented workers in your industry – and if your content is strong enough, you may be able to draw them into your company.

Offer referral bonuses
Your employees are sure to have their ears to the ground, not just in your company, but in your industry on the whole. They may know an off-site colleague through work-related communications, or even just a friend in need of work. By offering a referral bonus, you give your employees further motivation toward creating a network between you and prospective workers – nobody wants to feel like their help is unappreciated! And by making your employees aware of it, you serve your goals (finding the best talent available in your field) and their goals (making money) at the same time. 

Offer more than a place-of-employment – offer a lifestyle
Employees coming in to interview with you, or even just to collaborate on something, are going to take stock of the culture and mood of your office. So make sure your place of business doesn't look like a dour place to work – and there are many ways to improve inter-office communication and morale without sacrificing production rates. Encouraging employees to spend their break hours in on-site lounges is one great way to give off a positive image to visitors or prospective employers. And it goes without saying that a comprehensive benefit package will also go a long way in illustrating to your potential hires that you're as interested in serving their best interests as you are in serving your own.

Expand your search!
Hiring websites are often the best research for connecting with the pool of applicants you want to speak to. But there are other avenues a modern recruiter needs to explore to ensure that he or her is reaching the top potential talent. You'll want to use the aforementioned social media profiles to help you establish a brand identity, but you can also use them to advertise your openings. Be sure to investigate local colleges and institutions of higher learning – they're great places to find unsung and motivated workers, and many have posting boards where you can advertise any openings directly.

You want the best talent for your company, so be proactive: listing your jobs will help you immensely in finding the best talent on the market, but these other options will help bring the best talent to you.