The First Jobs of Wall Street Executives

Phil McConkey, Academy Securities Interview

Everyone has to start somewhere, even Wall Street executives. In the newest Tips from the Top video, CEOs and executives in business and finance share their first jobs and how it got them on the path to where they are today. Mario Gabelli, CEO of GAMCO Investors, landed his first job at thirteen working as a golf caddy for a local country club. Caddying for folks on Wall Street peaked his interest in the stock market and spurred him to make his own investments shortly thereafter.

Phil McConkey, Super Bowl Champion with the New York Giants and now President of Academy Securities, secured his first job out of the Naval Academy as a nuclear weapons transshipment pilot. Although he argues that it sounds more dangerous that it “truly was”, transporting nuclear weapons is not a job for the faint of heart.

Peter Solomon, Bonnie Kintzer, Philip Howard, Alison Brod, and George Bell also share how their first jobs put them on their path to success. Watch the full video below to hear how their first jobs got them started.