Finding the right investment banker for the job

right investment banker

Companies’ futures depend on investment bankers, and as a result they have to know what they’re doing and be devoted to achieving success. This comes down to finding the right candidates for the job, which can be difficult when there can be hundreds of people vying for the same position.

Investment banking positions have become more popular recently, which means there are often plenty of candidates for hiring managers to sift through. It is important, therefore, to find the right ones for investment banking jobs. This means looking for individuals with the qualities, experience and passion to be successful. The ideal intersection of these things will make for a productive, well-liked investment banker who can effectively contribute to the growth of the firm.

Athletes typically know all about hard work, dedication and passion, all of which makes for good investment bankers.Athletes typically know all about hard work, dedication and passion, all of which makes for good investment bankers.

1. An individual who takes hard work to heart
There’s a reason why companies love to hire former athletes: These people know the definition of hard work, and they get a certain satisfaction out of pushing themselves. In an industry that at times demands long hours and passionate dedication, the sort of people who might fit best are those who’ve already experienced that sort of demanding work. A love of hard work doesn’t solely apply to former athletes though.

An individual with a GPA approaching 4.0 likely didn’t get there on the power of his or her mind alone. Chances are that person was pulling all-nighters and studying hard throughout college to earn those impressive grades. When you’re hiring, make sure to look for the sort of people who already know the definition of dedication and hard work. These are the ones who will be willing to fully invest themselves in the company and achieve impressive results.

2. Something of a social butterfly
In investment banking, individuals will often have to work with clients to develop strategies, as well as present plans and findings that could transform the trajectory of a company. This is why it is important for these people to be able to work well in social settings. Individuals who are more than willing to collaborate, who can develop strong relationships or repair tattered ones and who can explain their positions with confidence are the ones you should be looking for as a hiring manager. When interviewing candidates, look for that spark that indicates an eagerness for social interaction. This is the sort of individual who will make everyone’s jobs easier over time.

“Look for that spark that indicates eagerness for social interaction.”

3. A success in every sense
It is important to seek out an individual who has experienced success on multiple fronts. Varied experiences offers new perspectives that can help investment banks strike upon solutions that wouldn’t have been considered otherwise. Diversity of all sorts is typically good, and this includes the sort of diversity that comes through varied work experiences. People who have worked financial analyst jobs or excelled in venture capital positions in addition to their investment banking work can provide interesting and powerful perspectives that can shape new, productive policies. While every other investment banker may approach a problem one way, your new hire with diverse and different experience could see a totally different solution with better results. Why not hire this sort of individual?

The attributes and experience summarized above are the sort of things investment banking recruiters should be looking for when hiring new employees or interns. Social, hard working individuals with diverse experiences can be strong contributors that will ultimately help the bank in a variety of ways.


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