Finance hiring expected to increase throughout third quarter of 2013

Professionals on the hunt for finance careers – or for a new job in the field they work in already – may be in luck. A recent study suggests that a significant amount of businesses within the finance industry plan to hire new employees over the course of the third quarter of 2013. 

Roughly 34 percent of companies report that they have too few employees, and 15 percent of those polled indicated they plan to make new hires in the coming month, according to a poll of CPA decision makers – said to include CFOs and CEOs, among others – conducted by the American Institute of CPAs. That figure is up from from the third quarter of 2012, where only 9 percent of companies had plans to make new hires, and represents a post-recession high for the survey. This suggests the market for accounting jobs and other careers within the field will improve throughout 2013. 

The poll quizzed individuals on their outlook in nine different areas, with economic optimism, profits, and employment among them. Their responses led to an overall index rating of 69, according to the American Institute of CPAs – matching the previous post-recession high point recorded by the firm. 

Better yet, the reluctance felt by many small business toward new hires continues to decrease. Only 20 percent of small business now feel hesitant about making new hires, down from the 25 percent who felt that way during the previous quarter, according to the report.

However, many large corporations still remain skittish about making new hires. The AICPA reports that companies with over $1 billion in annual revenue currently feel more hesitant about making new hires than smaller firms do. 

Optimism growing throughout the country
These findings support statistics released last month by the Wall Street Journal regarding small business optimism toward hiring and the economy. The Vistage Small Business CEO Survey, conducted in conjunction with the news outlet, found that business owners are more optimistic that profitability will continue to improve now than they have been at any other point since the survey began in June 2012. 

"Business is not what it was 10 years ago, sure, but we're growing and hiring," said Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, chief executive of a development consulting company, while speaking to the news source. 

Herrmann-Nehdi told the Journal that she plans to hire at least five people to work for her company this year.