Employment survey reveals good news for MBA holders

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MBA graduates are finding great success in their search for careers in finance, such as hedge fund jobs or risk management jobs. In fact, many of these graduates are having more trouble deciding which job to accept than they are finding offers in the first place.

The vast majority of workers who hold MBA degrees are very content with their position in the job market, with 45 percent of those polled identifying themselves as "very satisfied" with their post-graduation employment offers, and another 32 percent identifying themselves as "satisfied," according to a survey of MBA holders conducted by Training The Street corporate training service. Only 15 percent of MBA graduates held a "neutral" opinion toward their job prospects, and only 8 percent of respondents consider themselves "dissatisfied." 

"The Wall Street hiring environment continues to improve, and investment banks in particular are willing to invest in top talent," said Scott Rostan, the founder and CEO of the firm that conducted the study, before speaking optimistically about hiring rates in the finance sector. "What's also clear is that other financial and professional firms now feel the need to hire as well, and strong candidates have their choice of where they'd like to work. All of this suggests a significant shift from just a few years ago." 

MBA graduates are going on a high number of job interviews, according to the study. The survey also found that 40 percent of MBA students and graduates went on between four and seven first round interviews, that 12 percent went on between eight and ten such interviews. Meanwhile, a "surprising" 19 percent had been involved in more than ten first round interviews. When compared with figures displaying job satisfaction among MBA's, these statistics paint a rosy picture of the job market for these individuals. 

It also seems that more individuals are on the hunt for MBAs in general, according to a report hosted by the Triangle Business Journal. The news source reported that the average number of doctors applying for the MBA program at Duke University has risen sharply in recent years, suggesting that individuals in many unrelated fields are now considering MBA programs as a necessary part of their career plans. The school has seen the number of MD's applying for a position in their Daytime MBA health Management program or their Executive MBA program rise sharply over the course of the past four years, according to the news report.