Employment continues to trend upward – and finance workers are feeling confident about the future

Individuals applying for careers in finance can table their concerns about the job market for the time being. Not only does the latest employment report suggest that more jobs are becoming available in the U.S., but individuals working careers in finance like accounting jobs are reporting that they feel much more confident about their industry than those working in other fields do.

Private sector employment increased across all nine U.S. Census Bureau Divisions during the month of November 2013, according to the latest ADP Employment Report. If you're looking for finance careers currently, then the ADP report also suggests that some areas may offer more opportunities than others: the release emphasized the fact that Texas and Florida had the highest job growth rates among large states during the given month. 

"U.S. regional and state private sector employment growth increased in November, as most regions and states measured showed job gains from the previous month," said Ahu Yildirmaz, senior director of the ADP Research Institute. "The South Atlantic region generated the largest number of new private sector jobs during November and was just behind the West South Central region in highest monthly growth rate. Meanwhile, at the state level, job growth increased in the larger states, with the exceptions of California and New Jersey."

Accounting professionals are feeling confident about their industry
Not only is employment increasing across the U.S., but individuals working careers in finance are reporting that they feel confident about their industry's economic prospects. The Mergis Group's Finance and Accounting Employee Confidence Index, released via Randstad, decreased by less than a point during the third quarter of 2013 – making it one of the most confident industries tracked by Randstad, outpacing information technologies, healthcare and more.  

"The silver lining for this industry is that companies are actively seeking finance and accounting workers and we're seeing an increased demand for permanent workers," said Ursula Williams, executive vice president of Randstad Professionals, which comprises positions across Randstad and The Mergis Group. "Looking into 2014, we see sector growth being driven by certain positions, including financial analysts, staff accountants, business analysts and internal auditors/public accountants."

If individuals on the hunt for entry-level finance jobs have been struggling, they'd do best to continue their search: the Randstad report suggests that accounting jobs, financial analyst jobs and many other positions will see increased job openings in the coming year. It's also likely that these positions will be stable: the report notes that 80 percent of workers in the finance and accounting field believe it is unlikely they will lose their job anytime in the coming 12 months.