The do’s and don’ts of an eye catching job description

How to write an eye catching job description

Writing a job description may not be the most exciting task as a hiring manger, but it’s one of the most important ones. Your job description is one of the first interactions a candidate has with your company and with thousands of others to compete with, you need to ensure your description captures the attention of competitive talent. With less than a minute to capture their attention, a compelling description of the role is not just encouraged, it’s necessary.

There are right ways and wrong ways to write an eye-catching job description. Follow the tips below to make sure you’re on the right track.

DO use formatting. Formatting is one of the most important and underrated elements of a job description. As long as you don’t overdo it, emphasizing certain areas of the job description with bold, italicize, underline or even colors is a great way to make your job more visual. Focus on parts of your job description that might be different from the typical one for that role. Need an accountant that wears hats beyond accounts payable/receivable? Bold or italicize those responsibilities to ensure candidates see it if they’re just skimming through.

DON’T use hard-to-read colors. If you do incorporate colors into your job description, make sure the colors are easy to read on a computer screen. Navies and dark greys, for example, are professional and easy to ready yet different enough to make your description pop. Stay away from yellows, oranges, neon colors, etc and make sure you can easily read it on both your phone and computer before posting publicly. Remember, the colors you choose are part of a bigger company brand so don’t pick them too carelessly.

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DO think outside the box. When was the last time you saw a job description that made you excited about applying? Was it your typical list of job requirements and responsibilities? Most postings that truly catch the eye of a job seeker have an “IT” factor. Whether it’s a sense of humor, a killer company page, or a video invite to apply, don’t be afraid to add some factors that go outside the traditional job description box and really showcase your company’s voice.

DON’T forget your company description. One of the most common mistakes in a job description is to exclude a company description. You’re not just selling someone on a position, you’re selling them on their new home. The finance industry has long hours, no matter the role, so emphasize what makes your firm different from all the others. An investment banking analyst is an investment banking analyst. Why is your program different? Are there any benefits that are unique to your firm? Do you value certain qualities above others? Differentiating your brand will not only help you stand out, it will draw candidates that fit better within your company culture.

Attracting the right talent starts with the perfect job description. Don’t be afraid to test out different templates to see which ones resonate more with candidates (just make sure it’s for the same job when testing). See which ones work, and make sure to incorporate the tips above to set your company apart from the rest of the crowd.

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