Diversifying to multiply your success

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No, diversity is not an old wooden ship used during the Civil War era as the infamous Ron Burgundy thought, but in the workplace, it is extremely important. Burgundy may not have been prepared to work in a diverse office, but these days avoiding a uniform and plain office will be a boon to both culture and productivity. 

Keeping the workplace diverse is crucial – it will keep your offices fresh with plenty of view points, and that is how you keep your decision making from going stale. It isn't just about being nice, making sure your offices are diverse is about fueling business success. When people of various backgrounds are coming together to work on projects and make decisions, more fully-fleshed out ideas lead to improved productivity. 

"What's better, a single note or a chorus of chords?"

The importance of diversity applies to just about everything. What's better, a single note or a chorus of chords? If you're looking for old wooden ships used over a century ago, this isn't the place, but if you want to learn more about how to diversify your office, continue reading below: 

1. Create a breeding ground for respect
The more diverse a workplace is, the more likely it is to foster mutual respect amongst your employees. When you have a team that represents all different cultures, ages and backgrounds the bonds they develop over time will be much stronger. Subsequently, their ability to work together as a team will consistently improve as they spend time together. While absolute perfection may be difficult to reach, if you can avoid constant arguments, you must be doing something right.

2. The same people are going to lead to the same problems
If you hire the same person 100 times, then every time that team comes across a problem, they're going to approach it the same way, which eventually is going to produce plenty of failures. When Sean McCarthy spoke to OneWire he noted that it is much more difficult to solve problems with a bland team. 

"If you have everybody who thinks the same way and has the same background, you'll miss the same issue every time," he noted. 

A lack of diversity can stagnate a business' growth.A lack of diversity can stagnate a business' growth.

McCarthy explained that the most successful people in the long run are those who find multiple interests – for example, he is heavily involved in the Westminster Kennel Club and enjoys shooting in his free time. People who can diversify their hobbies find success more easily, and the same goes for businesses. If you're able to create a team of people from all sorts of places with a variety of ideas, you're more likely to find success in the long run. 

3. Protect your rep with diversification
The diversity of your staff is going to play a role in how other people view your company. If your office is inhabited by a team of robots, that isn't going to reflect well on your business' reputation. A well-rounded team will make the top finance jobs you're offering seem even more attractive, since candidates will see not only an amazing position, but an alluring and accessible employer. Creating a diverse work place goes hand-in-hand with building the kind of place that people actually enjoy working at. 

If you're looking for information on old wooden ships and haven't found any by now, try searching Civil War records, but if you want to know how to build a successful company that people enjoy working for, then put the advice above into action. Diversity is a crucial part of any successful office, so don't forget to put as much effort as possible into fostering it.