The different types of accounting jobs

Different types of accounting jobs

For those interested, there are plenty of different accounting jobs, and deciding which one to pursue depends on the sort of work and company that you prefer.

Accounting has numerous offshoots – and that goes without mentioning auditing, a career similar to but not the same as accounting. Anyone interested in getting into the field will have to decide what sort of work they prefer. All sorts of organizations need accountants, and the job description for each one may vary slightly or plenty. Since accounting positions are present at so many companies — nonprofits, government agencies and more — the variety enables you to look for the job best suited to your strengths and preferences.

“Accounting has numerous offshoots.”

Government accounting jobs
Like any sort of company, the government also needs accountants. These jobs appear at the local, state and federal levels, and often involve working with or for the Internal Revenue Service. This sort of accounting position consists of maintaining government financial records or auditing private businesses to ensure compliance with taxation rules and other regulations. Unfortunately, someone interested in government accounting work may have to sacrifice some pay relative to individuals who seek out accounting positions in the corporate world. However, some people are willing to give up a higher paycheck to work in the government.

Public accounting jobs
Public accounting firms are groups of accountants who are hired to offer their services to businesses, government agencies, individuals and nonprofits in need of them. These companies typically offer a number of services, including preparing, reviewing and auditing client’s financial documents, taking care of various tax responsibilities and offering consulting and financial advice. A position at a public accounting firm can be good for someone just starting out since this sort of job can teach a little bit of everything about what accountants do on an everyday basis.

The various options for accounting jobs

The majority of accounting positions are with private businesses.

Internal accounting jobs
An internal accountant works for a single company, and keeps that organization’s financial statements in order. Most accounting positions are internal. All sorts of companies need accountants – from the small business on Main Street to the massive corporation with operations around the world. The variation here means you have plenty of options if this is the direction you choose. At smaller businesses, an accounting professional may handle a wide variety of financial tasks such as recording transactions, interpreting and balancing statements, reporting, handling taxation, managing accounts payable and receivable and plenty of other tasks. Sometimes you alone may serve as the entire accounting department! Meanwhile at larger companies, you will probably be working on a team and your responsibilities may vary depending on the sort of role you are assigned.

Even within those three categories, there are numerous different kinds of accounting jobs. You can look into a career as a financial accountant, a tax accountant, a managerial accountant, a bookkeeper or a tax consultant. It all depends on what sort of organization you hope to work for and the role you feel most comfortable in. Be sure to research the various sorts of accounting positions that are out there before you decide on a direction to take.

Accounting is a big field, with all sorts of responsibilities. Search enough, and you may find the position that’s perfect for you! See which companies are now hiring for accounting jobs on OneWire.