Demand for MBA educations is growing – and experts can explain why

Many individuals are well aware of the advantages that a Master's of Business Administration degree can offer. These degrees can immediately put you ahead of all other applicants applying for finance jobs and can provide you with the experience needed to quickly thrive in a management or executive position.

As a result, enrollment at schools that offer MBA programs is sure to increase continually, as students learn they can make use of these degrees to obtain hedge fund jobs, investment banking jobs and other hard-to-obtain job titles in the finance sector. Upper Iowa University, for example, recently announced that enrollment in its online MBA program had increased by 46 percent in the last year alone, according to a report from the Des Moines Register. Enrollment is trending upward so rapidly that Kristopher Blanchard, associate professor of business at the University, announced that immediate changes would be made that would allow online students to engage in in-class excercises. 

"Not everybody learns in the same way, and some people are not comfortable with taking courses completely online," said Blanchard, commenting on the online MBA program. "They want to study in a classroom and take advantage of those networking opportunities … Offering more options for the MBA program ensures that we are giving students choices that can fit into their lifestyle."

The growing diversification of the standards and topics covered by MBA programs – such as those at Upper Iowa University – illustrate the ways that such an education can give an individual a full-fledged and well-rounded introduction into the industry before they even begin their careers in finance. 

Experts explain why MBA degrees can be so valuable
There's a reason that so many individuals are signing up to take part in MBA programs: they can give individuals a well-needed boost in their search for attractive job opportunities. 

"Every year we recruit a number of MBAs for specific positions, help them identify their potential and develop the individuals to gain expertise in a field – or a leadership position," Erika Neumann, a recruiter from Schindler Group, recently told BusinessBecause. "We have got a lot of challenging and rewarding jobs for MBA grads."

BusinessBecause recently published a report speaking to a number of industry leaders about the advantages offered by obtaining an education from a business school with an MBA program. Chris Thomas, a recruiter with General Electric, told the news outlet that these educations allow individuals to become incredibly well-versed in the finance industry. He's found that individuals who hold MBAs tend to have the skills needed to succeed in the industry, as opposed to simply having command of a few talents that allow them to produce work with competence. 

"We've found that MBAs have the skill-sets to approach a wide array of projects from a multiple functional standpoint, as opposed to just being skewed to a finance or accounting specific approach," Thomas told the news outlet. "They tend to be better communicators; not only understanding or analyzing a problem and coming up with a solution, but being able to pitch it, sell it, and build interest."

Chris Gallagher, a prospective MBA applicant, also spoke to the news outlet about the effects of the education. He told BusinessBecause what so many individuals already know – that engaging in this educational program will help him move into management and executive positions at a finance firm in the future. 

"My next few promotions do not require an MBA," Gallagher told BusinessBecause. "However, it is a good statement of intent and by the time I will be looking to go into management, an MBA will be a significant advantage."