Why you should consider relocating for a new job opportunity

Unless necessary, moving is most likely not top of mind if you’re looking for a new opportunity. Relocating can be quite the commitment so it’s not surprising that many job seekers tend to concentrate their search within their current city. What you may not know is that there are plenty of upsides to relocation, including but not limited to the reasons below.

Improved Standard of Living (SOL)

Relocating changes more than just your business card – it changes your life, too. Depending on where your currently live and where you’re looking, there’s a chance that moving can actually work out in your favor in terms of lifestyle.

Of course, every move doesn’t automatically guarantee an improved standard of living. Research any cities you’re considering, and perhaps even visit them to make sure they fit your lifestyle. SOL is all about the overall quality of life offered, not just salary versus the average cost of living. Don’t underestimate the value of clean air, clean water, less traffic congestion and more open space. As trivial as these may seem, a city’s environment can impact your happiness outside the office and can be a major contributing factor to how well you adjust to your new home.

Career Advancement

One of the biggest perks to relocating can be the job itself. An opportunity in a different city can also mean a higher salary, better benefits and more room for career advancement. There’s also the potential for additional perks, such as better work-life-balance or the chance to work from home, giving you more time to explore your new community!

If you’re looking to relocate solely based on job opportunities, consider cities known for specific career fields. NYC and San Francisco are always great options for those looking for finance careers but smaller cities are also up and coming hotspots in the industry.

New Experiences

While the idea of a fresh start in an unknown city may be exciting for some and terrifying for others, it is undeniable that moving comes with an abundance of new experiences. Every city is different, from the weather to the food to the people, offering you the chance to integrate yourself into a brand new lifestyle.

If you’re tired of your current city, these new experiences are a big bonus to relocation. And, if you’re worried about losing access to old favorites, fear not. Even smaller, lesser-known cities are growing to incorporate creature comforts like Starbucks and various cuisines.

Moving is more than just a career choice so unsurprisingly there are many factors to consider before making a decision. Carefully consider which aspects of your lifestyle are important to you and weigh them against the benefits for your career long term. If you get a job offer that boasts an improved standard of living, new experiences and better job growth and career advancement, it may be in your best interest to pack up and start your new adventure.

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