College graduates struggling to find work, but finance students are prospering

New college graduates everywhere are struggling to make ends meet in a troublesome job market. But for those holding or searching for careers in finance like accounting jobs or hedge fund jobs, the news isn't all bad. According to a study conducted by the Financial Times, students who graduated from finance programs report higher levels of job security than do their peers in other fields. 

Their findings report a high level of confidence among those working in the sector. Polling master's program graduates from the Class of 2010, the study found that among the 80 percent working in finance positions currently, 83 percent felt "very secure" in their position. Compared to the 67 percent who reported the same feelings in other fields, it suggests a strength in the finance industry that other ends of the economy fail to match.

"The selection process is so competitive right now, that if they succeeded in getting in, they are confident they will stay," commented Pascale Viala, a director of a financial economics program at a French University. His statements suggest that the competitiveness of the finance sector instills a sense of security in the workers.

And for those thinking job security is a minor issue, think again. Of those polled, over 90 percent identified the concept as being very important to them.