The Art of Discretion in an Increasingly Transparent World

We live in an Internet-dominated world where our every action, emotion, and opinion has the potential to be broadcast to a vast and very public audience. In this new professional landscape, traditional ideas of discretion and transparency in the workplace are evolving and, in some cases, being questioned. Despite this increasingly connected and open environment, […]

Food for Thought Part I: Five Things to Think About Before You Look for a New Job

This is a two-part series. In the first installment, we will discuss considerations for candidates to think before engaging in a job search. In the second installment, we will explore factors that firms should keep in mind before deciding to recruit. Bonus season is upon us, which is consequently also time when many professionals reevaluate […]

Viewed as a Dinosaur and Treated Like an Intern: The Challenges of Reentering the Workforce and the Elusive “Work-Life Balance”

Working in recruiting for most of my career has allowed me to discuss and learn about trends both from the employee and the employer perspective.  One recurring discussion has been “work-life balance” and reentering the workforce after choosing to take time off.  I will start with how I reentered the workforce, and what that experience […]