Brad Richards, of the New York Rangers, speaks to OneWire about finding success

OneWire regularly speaks to executives in the finance industry, to ask them about how they found their success, and what they would recommend to individuals hoping to go into wealth management jobs and other sought-after positions in the finance industry. However, we recently spoke to somebody outside of the finance industry who knows quite a bit about success: Brad Richards, Center and Alternate Captain of the New York Rangers.

Richards grew up in Canada, in a community known for lobster fisherman. But, he quickly realized that he was destined for bigger things – specifically, to play hockey professionally.

“I left home at 14, in ninth grade, because of hockey,” Richards told OneWire. “I was able to go to a private school in Western Canada that was known for getting [hockey players] a U.S. [college] scholarship. Before I got the chance to enter college, I went pro.”

Finding the NHL wasn’t the only great success of Richard’s career – he was also part of the Tampa Bay Lightning when they won the Stanley Cup in 2004, hockey’s ultimate prize. He’s also been able to successfully navigate the business side of his sport as well, however.

“The NHL is a huge business,” he said. “Things have changed so much, I’ve been through two lockouts with the owners… we’ve had some rule changes, interactions with fans, different things you do… branding and marketing, social media, all that stuff, a lot of players have taken to that to try and grow individually.”

He concluded his OneWire interview by offering some extremely valuable advice for anyone hoping to find the job of their dreams sometime soon. He spoke about his idols growing up – such as Wayne Gretzky – and talked about being  able to fulfill his childhood dream as being an important experience. So, take Richards example, and apply for the job of your dreams today – whether the position involved is a step away or a childhood dream.