Basic interview blunders to avoid

interview blunders

When is it that job seekers mess up most often?

Research shows that the interview is the stage where people looking for a new job typically make the sort of mistakes that ruin their chances at getting hired. This doesn’t mean you’re doomed to fail in interviews, though. The fact that so many people trip up during interviews only means that you have to avoid the common mistakes they make as one way of standing out to hiring managers. By taking care to avoid the things that trip up so many people as they seek top finance jobs, you’ll put yourself in a good position to get hired. So, what are these common mistakes?

1. Not doing any prep work
Before any interview it is essential that you research the company thoroughly, whether you’re looking for venture capital jobs or private equity positions. The golden rule across every industry is prep work. The interviewer will ask you questions hoping to clarify whether or not you’re passionate about the company, as well as the industry it operates in. If you don’t feel a fire inside for hedge fund jobs, you’re not as likely to get one. You’ll show this passion to interviewers by doing the requisite prep work beforehand.

“Show your passion by doing the requisite prep work beforehand.”

2. Not appearing interested enough
Speaking of passion, as much as you know about the company or the industry, that fire still won’t be present if you show up late, yawn or appear generally uninterested at all during the interview. Even if you’re just feeling a little bit sleepy, it is important to appear excited – just don’t overdo it. Pay attention to every question asked, and follow-up with your own queries about what the interviewer is asking and telling you, to show you’re paying attention.

3. Bad-mouthing a previous employer 
It doesn’t matter what company you used to work for or how bad your boss treated you, never talk poorly about any previous employer. If you’re willing to talk down about a company you previously worked at, what’s stopping you from treating the one you’re interviewing for the same way? At least, that’s the way hiring managers typically think. Insulting a previous employer will almost never get you anywhere closer to a job, but it’s very likely that it hurts your chances.

It can be shocking how many people show up to interviews under dressed, don't be one of them. It can be shocking how many people show up to interviews underdressed, so don’t be one of them.

4. Approach the interview too casually
Often times the way people dress for interviews, or their casual mannerisms when speaking to hiring managers, do them in. While you aren’t expected to act as though you are meeting the Queen for the first time, you should be formal in the way that you dress, as well as the way that you interact with whoever is interviewing you. More people show up underdressed to interviews than you would think, just make sure you’re not one of them.

The interview is where most people mess up, but the mistakes they usually make are easily avoidable. Be careful, get through your interviews without tripping up, and you’ll be one big step closer to a job!