Accounting, finance and IT positions are opening up

A recent report found that accounting, finance and IT positions are opening up increasingly, just as U.S. hiring is really beginning to perk up. 

The Brilliant Q1 2015 Accounting, Finance and IT Hiring Forecast found that 30 percent of companies questioned in the study – up from 28 percent in the prior quarter – reported vacancies in accounting and finance, while 37 percent noted unfilled technology jobs. Data for the study, produced in conjunction with Dr. Richard Curtin, director Surveys of Consumers at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, was collected between Nov. 11 and Nov. 25, 2014. 

"While the majority of companies expected their hiring plans to remain unchanged in the coming year, most planned a constant [high] number of new hires," Dr. Curtin explained. "Given companies in recent years needed to replenish their staffs from the downsizing that occurred during the Great Recession, the fact that hiring has remained unchanged at that same higher rate, is good news."

"Technology, accounting and finance jobs are opening up as 2014 comes to a close."

Jobs report indicates robust hiring trends
The survey's indication that technology, accounting and finance jobs are opening up as 2014 comes to a close matches government statistics released this month that show strong hiring numbers in November. The government data is a sign that hiring is really beginning to pick up in the U.S. 

November's jobs report was pretty strong and came as a pleasant surprise to many. Projections for hiring in November had been around 258,000 jobs added. The report released earlier in the month blew those estimates away, indicating that payroll in the U.S. added 321,000 jobs in November. While this significantly high number of jobs added could be an outlier, it is still a signifier for a larger trend – companies are hiring these days.

Through the past year the U.S. has been adding jobs at an average of about 224,000 per month. Any month with at least 200,000 jobs added is considered to be strong. Professional and business services added 86,000 positions, with accounting jobs noted as one of the stronger categories in terms of hiring. It took a long time for firms to get to this moment but the time has arrived and hiring is accelerating. 

"This signifies that many companies have the confidence and budgets to invest in projects," James Wong, the CEO of BRILLIANT, said. "Overall, the data provides solid evidence that companies are expecting growth in the number of new hires during the year ahead."