5 Ways You Can Use Your OneWire Account to Find Your Next Finance Job

How to Find Your Next Finance Job

Hey jobseekers! At OneWire, we’re dedicated to helping you find your next finance job. And with 2018 already becoming the year of the jobseekers, we wanted to share our pro tips on how to make the most of your OneWire account.

Searching for a finance job on OneWire is very simple. Once you upload a resume (either by applying for a job or doing so here), you can use it to apply for hundreds of jobs across a variety of employers. We always recommend taking a quick second to check that the resume on OneWire is up to date. Then you can move on to the steps below.

Add a Profile Picture

A profile picture is a great way to stand out when employers are reviewing their applicants. Not only will they be able to put a face to the name, it will indicate that you’re being thorough and are serious about the job at hand. Our guidelines for profile pictures are pretty basic – it must be a photo of you and only you. No dogs, no group photos. Just you! Upload a profile picture here.

Edit Your Business Card

In our latest release, we introduced a new feature called the Business Card. This is a great tool that gives you full control over what an employer sees when they preview your resume. Once you upload a resume, you’ll be able to edit job title, location, degree, and field of study on your business card to make sure you’re properly represented in your preview.

Broaden Job Search Keywords

OneWire’s job search can look a little bit different than most. One difference is that if you’re searching for jobs by location, you need to choose a city from the list that drops down. If you’re flexible on location, we recommend running the same search across all cities you’re open to – or not specifying a location at all. Another great tip is to broaden your keywords. For example, if you’re searching for an accounting role, try “accounting”, “accountant”, “CPA”, “payroll” etc. Different companies use different job titles. Using broad keywords will return more results than specific job titles.

Join Employer Talent Communities

You know when you visit a company’s website, they have the option to email for career opportunities, submit a general application or sign up to be notified of new opportunities? Instead of visiting every company’s website, you can join a company’s talent community to submit your resume for future roles. Way easier right? Just click a company’s logo and you’ll be prompted to join their talent community on their company page.

Maintain Your Resume

Last, but definitely not least, you should always have your current resume on OneWire. Here’s why. Any company that has a copy of your resume, through a job application or by joining their talent community, will be able to view any updates you make as you progress throughout your career. It will also show that you’re open to a conversation even if you’re not actively looking. You never know what might come along!

Finding a finance job has never been easier if you stay active on OneWire. Even just logging in could show you’re open to a new role. As a final reminder, we truly value your privacy during your job search. You will ALWAYS be hidden from your current employer (another reason to keep your resume up to date) and will have the option to stay hidden in general search.

We hope these tips help. Before you know it, you’ll be landing your next finance job on OneWire.

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