4 tips for shaking up your job search

As the new year begins, many individuals will be making a resolution to find themselves a new job. However, many other individuals have likely been sending out applications and searching for their dream finance careers for many months – or perhaps even years – already.

If you have been trying in vain to find your next profession for a long time, the new year offers a perfect opportunity to make a change. By changing up your strategies for the job search, you'll give yourself a new lease on your hunt for a career – and give yourself the advantage needed to turn your next applications into job offers.

1. Begin looking for new job titles
One way to give yourself a new angle on the job hunt is by opening yourself up and applying to positions you hadn't previously been applying for. Starting a new profession can be a heavy burden. However, transitioning into a new job title in the field you're already familiar with can give you the advantage needed to find a new career.

For example, if you've been working accounting jobs in the finance industry, you may want to consider applying for other positions in that field, like compliance jobs or hedge fund jobs. These may not be your ideal positions, but if your search is floundering, it's good to explore all options. You may even find yourself in a new career making even more money than you'd expected during your job search.

2. Find a partner in the job search
Another way to give your job search a kick-start is to find a partner! If you know another individual who is struggling to find employment, consider working together and sharing job openings and employment opportunities with each other. This can allow both of you to become wise to openings you may have never found otherwise. Perhaps even more importantly, your partner can help to motivate you to send out as many applications as possible. 

"It's the good old buddy system in action," Christie Mims, founder of The Revolutionary Club, told Forbes. "And it could be just the push you need to get off the couch."

3. Reconsider your online presence 
If you're finding that your applications and cover letters are falling on deaf ears, you should investigate your online presence – it may be preventing your employment. Hiring managers, for example, are sure to pass up an applicant hosting racy material on their social media page. So be sure to cleans yours up and have it looking as professional as possible before you sent out your next round of job applications. 

4. Try something new!
Finally, if all else fails, look to your resume and your cover letter and see what alterations you can make. It's important to constantly redraft these documents in an attempt to limit both typos and awkward phrasing. However, you may also want to consider making more notable changes if you've found you're struggling to book interviews. Consider listing different skills and talents on your resume than those currently featured, or alternatively, begin to write your cover letters with a different focus. For example, if your previous letters have been focusing on your work ethic, instead begin to dedicate most of the writing space to assignments and projects you've successfully completed. 

"Trying something new is a matter of being able to persevere and not give up, stick to the job search and keep active," Tim Schoonover, chairman of OI Partners, told NBC News. "It's when the job search starts becoming inactive, and you begin to lose interest in it, that you need to try something different."