4 great cities for finance jobs

Companies Hiring Abroad

Moving far from home is a great opportunity to advance one's skill-sets and gain valuable life experience – the kind that will stand out to hiring managers browsing their recruiting networks. 

Working abroad or on the other side of the country will immerse you in a totally new culture, challenge you and demand plenty of hard work and long hours and provide you with a unique and worthwhile experience that will prove beneficial over time. If you're interested in taking advantage of abroad experiences, it may prove helpful to take note of a few of the cities where financial opportunities are at their best. For more on where the top finance jobs are, read the guide below:

1. New York City, USA.
For some time financial hiring in New York City had slowed down, but now some believe the city's finance job market it is set to rebound. Often considered the finance capital of the globe, the sector's influence on the city had waned in the wake of the financial crisis, but is set for a comeback, especially as many Silicon Valley companies continue to set their sights eastward. If you feel undaunted by the prospect of the big city, and want to immerse yourself fully in the constant grind of the city, this may be the place for you.

2. London, England
If New York City isn't the financial capital of the world, then London is. Recent research points toward a strong 2015 in London in terms of finance hiring, and unlike New York City, the U.K.'s financial center has already seen recent financial hiring surges. With the finance job market in London already on an upward trajectory, London is a great city for people who would like to explore a traditional financial powerhouse while getting out of the U.S. 

Hong Kong is one city where finance jobs are expected to be plentiful in the coming years. Hong Kong is one city where finance jobs are expected to be plentiful in the coming years.

3. Hong Kong, China
This city is one of the financial foundations of Asia and is projected to hire plenty in the coming year. Nearly all of the city's financial firms have indicated intentions to hire in the near future. Compliance jobs, as well as wealth management jobs and insurance positions are likely to be popular in Hong Kong. With top finance jobs aplenty in Hong Kong, this may be the spot for individuals who are seeking to throw themselves into a completely new environment and immerse themselves in the culture of a fast-emerging region such as Asia. 

4. San Francisco, USA. 
San Francisco is the center of finance on the West Coast of the U.S. for good reason. The gateway to Silicon Valley is aplenty with technology jobs, and growth there is continuing at a speedy clip. San Francisco is actually outpacing the technology hub in terms of job growth as young adults seek out more urbanized locales to enjoy. The California dream lives here for people seeking finance jobs. 

Moving far from home is a great chance to learn about who you are, as well as the world around you. If you're looking for a top finance job, check out the four cities above for some great opportunities on our website.