3 reasons why you should always have an updated resume


In today’s job market, everyone is a potential candidate for hiring managers. Technology and social media has driven an online professional footprint for every candidate, blurring the lines between being an “active” and a “passive” job seeker. No matter which category you fall into, having an updated resume is the one document that every professional should have on hand. Still skeptical? Keep reading for three reasons why you should always have a current resume readily available.

Employers are always searching 

Even if you are not on the hunt for a new opportunity, it’s highly likely you are still popping up in employers’ searches. Having an updated LinkedIn profile might be enough to get you found, but you need an up-to-date resume if you’d like to formally apply for a position. The faster you have one on hand, the faster you can submit it for consideration.

Additionally, many hiring mangers start searching through their resume piles to see if any of their previous candidates are a good fit. The good news? When you update your resume on OneWire, your new resume is automatically sent to employers you’ve previously applied for or shown interest in.

Why you should always have an updated resume

Employers are always searching for qualified talent in today’s marketplace. 

Unexpected Turnover

It’s the phrase that everyone dreads — unexpected turnover. In light of recent fluctuations in the economy, companies are cutting back jobs more frequently than anyone would care to admit. No one expects to be laid off, but everyone should be prepared for it. Take steps to ensure your resume is up to date, your social media presence is harmless, and that you leave on good terms regardless of being fired.

Being laid off is overwhelming. There’s one less step to take if you already have an updated resume. Briefly review it and clean up any formatting and you’ll be ready to start searching for new finance jobs that day. The faster you start applying, the less time you’ll need to worry about being unemployed.

Networking events

Whether you seek out networking opportunities at every turn or simply attend an event once a year, networking can lead to job opportunities you didn’t even know were possible. Without an updated resume, you’re placing yourself at a severe disadvantage. Always make sure you have access to your updated resume on your phone, via email or in the cloud. By doing so, you can easily fire off your information at the touch of a button to anyone you meet at networking events.

One of the best benefits of networking is learning about different career possibilities from people who work in the field. Even if there isn’t an open opportunity at the time, sending your resume along with a note saying you’re always open to hearing about new positions can lead to further possibilities down the road.

So how often should you actually update your resume? It’s always a good idea to check over your resume before actively searching for jobs but otherwise review your resume every six to twelve months or when you get a promotion. Add or remove any changes in your job description, responsibilities, or new skills you may have learned along the way.

It may seem like a hassle to constantly be toying with your resume, but the job market is more sophisticated now than ever before. Job seekers are not the only ones searching anymore. Employers are actively reaching out to people with new opportunities every day. Take control of your career and make sure you have an updated resume to maximize your chances of being found.

If you’re open to a new opportunity, employers on OneWire are always looking for competitive talent. Make sure your resume is up-to-date or join our platform to start connecting with top employers in the finance industry.